Research Participation Agreement

Thank you for joining our consumer and business database! We hope that you find research participation enjoyable and personally rewarding.

To ensure that you understand your role and our promise to you, please indicate your agreement with the following conditions by choosing "Yes" in each box:

I understand that I have voluntarily provided Indy Focus with personal data to be used during the research process. This includes, but is not limited to demographics, usage information, and personal health conditions. This information will not be shared with others for any purpose other than research.*

It is acceptable to contact me by any method that I provide. This includes, but is not limited to telephone, email, fax, and cell phone.*

I understand that, as a research participant, I am responsible for the following conditions:*

  1. I will be honest and answer truthfully to the best of my ability.
  2. I will participate in the group discussion or interview by engaging in conversation or answering questions.
  3. I will arrive prior to the agreed appointment time or I understand that I may not be eligible to participate in the research project, and therefore, will not be compensated for participation.
  4. I understand that I may become ineligible to participate in a study if my answers or usage changes prior to participating. I understand that my appointment may be cancelled and I will be called for other studies.